You might say why knit, I say why not?
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You might say why knit - I say why not

Posted by KnittingDane on Tue, 2013-11-05 15:29


Some might say: "Why knit? My intuitive answer is always: "Why not?".

If you take a peak at my Danish Knitting site, you will see that knitting has a speciel place in my heart. Since the year 2007 I have shared my love of knitting with the Danish people. My site is full of free knitting tutorials and a blog where I share my own knits.

Over the years has grown both in numbers of tutorials and followers. I have come to the conclusion that the backbone of the site needs a complete makeover. For this purpose I have turned to Drupal, an open source CMS system, which gives me lots and lots of flexibility. The new design is of course responsive to give an optimal viewing experience on both desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

At the same time I have begun translating the whole site, so my English speaking audience can follow as well. Quite a handful. While working on the site I have come to realize that real life takes more time than estimated, and therefore the work have been postponed a couple of times (real life comes first).

But now I have reached a milestone. As a beginning is in the air. Here I have published all my knitting patterns and as time goes by this will be the place where I publish new knit tutorials as well.

Behind the curtains I'm continuing the translations of