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Hearts coming up

Posted by KnittingDane on Wed, 2014-01-15 22:41

The last couple of days I've been posting pictures on my Facebook Page of the work in progress. But not everyone is on Facebook, so here's a follow up.

I've knit a lot, mostly surrounded by kids - and coffe...

Hearts, Lego and coffee

Saturday this was the sight of my bag. Ohh how I love the wrong side of stranded knitting.

Wrong Side of the hearts

There's not much room left in the bag, so next step must be the old midwife bag. I always bring my knit work where ever I go, so bags in all sizes are a necessity - right?!. And for a big project, whats better than a midwife bag? Mine is a small one, but still roomy. I'll post a picture some day.

While knitting I also made yet another knitting video showing stranded knitting. It is in Danish though, but you can see it here:

And a snapshot.

Hearts coming up

Status this evening. I've now reached the sleeves, so it's time for a test on my daughter. But I'll have to catch her first then.

The sleeves are separated


Submitted by martine on

... have one colour in the right hand and the other in the left hand, using both (left)continental (That's what you do here)& (right)English methods ... actually "English" is what we use here in France !
kind regards from Northern France, martine