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Chestnut Snakes

Posted by KnittingDane on Sun, 2012-10-21 14:57

Of course I couldn't let my chestnuts be. So here they are - this time with snakes eating chestnuts.

Chestnut Snakes

My husband wasn't completely satisfied when he discovered that I had put sweater project aside. But you know - you have to have plenty of knit work in progress. One piece is never enough, right?!

Chestnut Snakes

I also had tome to visit the local hand craft exhibition. Ohh how I love to turn wood.

Must . have . more . time ...


You will need

Chestnuts, awl, a button per snake, yarn for the chestnuts, tapestry needle, yarn for snake, eyes, knitting needles (I used 3 ½ mm - US4)

How to make a chestnut snake

  • Fasten a button at the end of a piece of yarn ( = chestnut yarn). Make a hole in a bunch of chestnuts with an awl. With a tapestry needle draw the chestnuts on to the yarn, so that the button makes the bottom. Put the work aside when you have reached your preferred number of chestnuts.
  • Knit an I-cord of 4 stitches in preferred snake length.
  • Now it's time for knitting the head. Increase with a backwards loop between each stitch on a round, so you end up with 8 stitches at the end of the round. Transfer your stitches to double pointed needles or a circular needle with magic loop.
  • Knit a round, then increase again between each stitch till you reach 16 stitches in a total. Knit until the head is big enough. Try it on the top chestnut of the chestnut yarn. Bind off and break snake yarn.
  • Take your chestnut yarn again. With the tapestry needle lead the chestnut yarn through the I-cord from the head up. The head of the snake is pulled down over the top chestnut and the yarn end from the snake is used to fasten the bind of edge, so that it will close up under the chestnut. The other end of the chestnut yarn is pulled through the end of the snake. A loop is made for hanging up the snake.
  • Put on eyes and hang your chestnut snakes up.