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A little late for a advent wreath?

Posted by KnittingDane on Wed, 2013-12-18 20:52

Yeah ok - it's a little late for making  an advent wreath. I know. Lucky for me - it didn't work out as planned. The wreath it self is fine. It just looked silly with the light holders on it.

But why make an advent wreath now? - last minute before christmas? You see - I bought the things for making it back in oktober at Creative Days in Fredericia, but as usual time is running - and even faster in December.

Then Jydske Vestkysten (Danish newspaper) wrote to me, asking for an interview, so they could make a portrait of me for the newspaper. What did I do? I panicked of course. And then dived into the project, so that I would have just a little bit of yarnish christmas in my house, before they arrive.

Yes me - I don't even own one single handknit christmas ball...

Oh well - my youngest daugther help me, so cozy it was.

Helping with the advent wreath

And here it is. The advent wreath - now just a christmas wreath.

Finished advent wreath

Here placed in the window.

Advent wreath in the window