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Blog 2013

A little late for a advent wreath?

Posted by KnittingDane on Wed, 2013-12-18 20:52
Helping with the advent wreath

Yeah ok - it's a little late for making  an advent wreath. I know. Lucky for me - it didn't work out as planned. The wreath it self is fine. It just looked silly with the light holders on it.

But why make an advent wreath now? - last minute before christmas? You see - I bought the things for making it back in oktober at Creative Days in Fredericia, but as usual time is running - and even faster in December.

Then Jydske Vestkysten (Danish newspaper) wrote to me, asking for an interview, so they could make a portrait of me for the newspaper. What did I do? I panicked of course. And then dived into the project, so that I would have just a little bit of yarnish christmas in my house, before they arrive.

Yes me - I don't even own one single handknit christmas ball...

Oh well - my youngest daugther help me, so cozy it was.

Just in time for the snow

Posted by KnittingDane on Fri, 2013-12-06 17:23
My Leftie

One finished Leftie - just in time for the snow.

I was a little nervous if it would be too small to warm my neck, but that's no problem. You could of course knit it longer, then it'll automaticly get wider as well. But I do not fancy too long shawls. You could be caught on to something.

The pattern is easy. The only technique used other than plane knitting is short rows. And they are not that difficult to learn (Here's a Danish article + video.)

And finally a picture in full length.

A quick Leftie

Posted by KnittingDane on Tue, 2013-12-03 14:23
A quick Leftie

Last thursday my sister called.

After some small talk, she asked me if I was ready for sunday?! Ehhh Sunday? Yeah, she said. Mum and me are finished. Ehhh?!

Then it hit me. Ultimo august we had been on a girls trip to Flensburg. Here we bought 3 matching skeins of yarn. The idea was to knit a project each before we met again in the christmas time. In the meantime I had rescheduled our yearly christmas come-together to 3 weeks earlier than planned. And forgotten the skein in the corner of my living room.

Oh well - I picked it up and cast on stitches. I didn't finish it, but I got far. At least I had something to show Sunday.

It was a Leftie. The pattern is easy. The only technique used other than plane knitting is short rows. And they are not that difficult to learn (Here's a Danish article + video.)

Did anyone say gauge swatch?!

Posted by KnittingDane on Fri, 2013-11-29 10:29
The Heart Sweater in progress

For several years I have wanted to knit a sweater for my second oldest daughter. Then it could be past on to the next daugther and the next again. Perfect now that I never find the time for all the knit I'm dreaming about.

Both pattern and yarn has already been approved by the daugther. And lucky me, I found an old gauge swatch in stockinette stitch, which I could recalculate stitches from - or could I??

I casted on the stitches!

And knit...

Pretty far indeed...

So far I know can get my self to ravel up the whole work

You might say why knit - I say why not

Posted by KnittingDane on Tue, 2013-11-05 15:29

Some might say: "Why knit? My intuitive answer is always: "Why not?".

If you take a peak at my Danish Knitting site, you will see that knitting has a speciel place in my heart. Since the year 2007 I have shared my love of knitting with the Danish people. My site is full of free knitting tutorials and a blog where I share my own knits.