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New sock design coming up

Posted by KnittingDane on Wed, 2014-03-12 09:10
New sock design coming up

I just couldn't help my self any more - the sock yarn was yelling at me from the corner. I've been stubbern though and stucked to the heart sweaters. But only missing one arm, I just had to celebrate - and what's better than a little sock knitting. I've SO missed it .

After a couple of swatches - admitted I often knit 3 socks before I'm satisfied - I on the right track. And when I've reached so far, I'm not far from a new sock design.

My work station

Posted by KnittingDane on Sun, 2014-03-02 21:03
My work station

Here's a little peak at my work station. I wonder what my neighbours and passerbys thinks, when I stand there in my window on a chair with a camera hanging around the neck taking pictures of my window sill?! Crazy lady perhaps? But what can I say - I follow the light

First sleeve on the way

Posted by KnittingDane on Sat, 2014-03-01 11:46
First sleeve on the way

Finally first sleeve of my dear daughter's i Heart you is coming up. The sweater has been som what frogged the last couple of weeks. I've been playing with KnittingDane codes instead. Ex the main page has changed - for the better I think .

I'm also in the process of updating all the old Danish Knit Articles. Swing by the Danish version of this site to get a glimpse of what's getting translated (when time comes).

How to knit flowers

Posted by KnittingDane on Tue, 2014-02-04 18:06
Knitted flower

Briefly I believed I had made a brand new knitting pattern. But then I realised that the only difference was the cast on and an extra knitted row. But the result was pretty much different to my eyes.

How to knit the flower:

Cast on 51stitches with long tail cast on (Danish article). I have cast on with two colors which gives a really nice edge.

To make a two colored long tail cast on, you need two colors of yarn  . The main color over the index finger and the edge color over the thumb. The slip knot at the beginning is made of both colors, so you can get a neat and tight beginning. At the end the slip knot is dropped, so don't count it in while casting on.

Status on the hearts

Posted by KnittingDane on Tue, 2014-01-21 21:58
Status on the hearts

As always I knit everywhere. Picking up kids from school is a perfect time for knitting. I'm never in a hurry. I just knit yet another round. Then the kids can finish up nice and slowly - as always.

As an extra bonus - there's always a chance to talk about knitting. Both kids and grown ups stop on their way just to talk about knitting. And those kids - they really know how to show excitement. I like it - I like it a lot

Here's yesterdays status:

Heart Sweater - i heart you

Posted by KnittingDane on Thu, 2014-01-02 16:03
The Heart Sweater in action

Finally I got pictures of my dear daugher in the Heart Sweater. Ok admitted, didn't finish before christmas as I promised, and I didn't even start  the second sweater for my other daughter either. Luckily my daugther her self told me to relax and not fuss over knitting. You just gotta love 'em

But this lady down here - she's not easy to get pictures of.