You might say why knit, I say why not?
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You might say why knit, I say why not?

My name is Irene Birk and I'm the woman behind the knitting needles on

As the title tells I'm a Dane and I'm Knitting - actually I knit quite a bit. And I knit everything I come by. As an example I have knit my pram.

Hand Knit Pram

My passion for knitting has resulted in the Danish knitting site (= on the needle). Here I have shared my knitting passion with the Danish people since october 2007. The site is filled with tutorials and videos of knitting techniques, followed up by a personal blog. I knit continental style with a norwegian twist when purling. meant to be is the English counterpart of As a beginning I'm moving all my knitting patterns from to this site.


A little bit about my self
I'm blessed with 4 lovely girls and a darling husband. We live in the beautiful city Sønderborg in the Southern part of Denmark.

I love to knit and play with codes. Originally I'm a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, but lately I have spent most of my time with my family. My spare time has been used to dive in to the world of php-codes and knitting techniques. The result has been, and now also